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About Us – ecospectrum

About Us

Eco-spectrum is an environmentally- friendly company, revitalizing the concept of “back to nature”. We believe in returning to Earth, what we take from the Earth. Our vision is to provide a new wave of green biodegradable plant-based tableware.

This creative innovation of Eco-spectrum is designed to enhance modern enticing food presentation, and sustain the environment simultaneously. At Eco-spectrum, we work to break the dichotomy between style and sustainability. We cater to the dynamic and stylish tastes and culinary outlooks by ensuring that organic sustainability is a key ingredient.

This classy green disposable tableware helps you play your part in preserving and enhancing your local environment. It offers a unique presentation that is sure to get the attention of your friends, family, and clients. This dinnerware speaks for itself, and is certain to be the centre of appreciation, and exclusivity in family and social gatherings.

We invite you to experience a new sense of social responsibility by serving your culinary treats on any of Eco-spectrum plates, bowls, dishes, platters, cutlery and more. Our tableware is also designed to facilitate creatively appealing food presentation, garnished with elegance.

Finally, our products are carefully and meticulously crafted from naturally shed, handpicked palm leaves, and are produced in an ISO Registered faculty. Our products are biodegradable, eco- friendly, and safe to use.


Biodegradable Plant Product.

  • Sustainability- Natural plant- based materials are often unmatched by man-made materials. Our products are sustainable, and easily-disposable.
  • Durable- Naturally strong leaves retain their strength and form, even after they undergo the moulding process. These products can be used in the microwave and in ovens.
  • Aesthetics each product is naturally attractive, and unique from the regular disposable tableware since it is made from natural leaves. This is a highly stylish product for the end- user.
  • Cost-effective- When porcelain is impractical, and plastic disposables are informal, then green biodegradable tableware offers the practical and affordable option for individuals and businesses.
  • Exclusive innovation- Our products are unique in several ways, including their durability, hygiene, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. They are also physically appealing and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, designed to cater to your individual needs.